Singapore under new brand Resorts World Cruises

Singapore under new brand Resorts World Cruises: Genting Dream has become rebranded to Resorts World Cruises. Here’s what we should learn about it to date.

Genting Dream, a cruise ship run by the now-defunct Genting Hong Kong, you will need to sail on 15 June underneath the new company named Resorts World Cruises. Launched by Malaysian magnate Lim Kok Thay, it’s apparently registered in Singapore.

Genting Hong Kong finished up at the beginning of 2022, following which Kok Thay launched the brand new brand. Genting Dream was among the three ships that operated as Dream Cruises under Genting Hong Kong.

“Resorts World Cruises may have its headquarters in Singapore and it is dedicated to making Singapore the key cruise hub in Asia,” Kok Thay stated in a statement.

Everything to know about Resorts World Cruises and Genting Dream:

Rehiring for cruise operations

Singapore under new brand Resorts World Cruises

Michael Goh, president, and mind of worldwide sales of the trademark stated in a media conference on 18 May that more than 1,600 employees in Singapore are now being rehired by Resorts World Cruises to operate its business. Many others who formerly labored in Genting Hong Kong’s sales, marketing, and hotel operations will also be being rehired.

Singapore under new brand Resorts World Cruises also intends to offer cruise credits of “equivalent value” to any or all passengers who have been impacted by World Dream’s cruise cancellations in Singapore between 2 March and 31 August.

However, the complimentary gesture extends simply to individuals who’ve not received any refund for or their payment using their booking source. The credits are going to be valid from 15 June 2022 to March 2023.

Goh stated that although 13,000 customers were impacted by the cancellations, most of them have obtained refunds from charge card companies. However, the organization doesn’t have a record from it, he added.

About Genting Dream

Genting Dream is an 18-deck cruise ship. Measuring 150,695 gross tonnes, it can accommodate a total of 3,352 passengers. It is considered one of the most spacious ships in Asia.

Besides Genting Dream, Dream Cruises also operated Explorer Dream and World Dream.

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